A successful relationship is a source of great joy and comfort. However, when it is not going well, the unhappiness and stress this brings can feel overwhelming. 

Couples Counselling

It is not surprising that communication is a significant part of any relationship and that, when a relationship is in difficulties, this becomes even harder. This is where couple counselling is invaluable because you will both be given time, encouragement and support to talk in a safe and confidential environment.  Although this can seem daunting it is also sometimes a great relief. 

Listening and trying to understand what it is like for each other is an important part of the couple counselling process and we will work on developing your skills to do this.  

Anger, resentment, fear and distress build up over time and these long-held feelings and worries make it even harder to talk. Together, we will gently and sensitively start to look at what has happened and what you are currently experiencing.

What I can help with

· Growing apart

· Arguments

· Feeling unsupported

· Infidelity

· Lack of trust

· Feeling ‘stuck’

· Lack of intimacy

If you are still unsure about making that first step, please call me for an informal chat – you have nothing to lose!